December 4, 2023

The Dangerous Man Wins

Cheering opens the episode. Lincoln March — confirmed dangerous man — proclaims to a crowd, “Isn’t it nice when the great man wins?” He was the one mayoral candidate in Gotham that wasn’t revealed because the deadbeat dad of one in all Gotham’s most wished, so to no-one’s shock, he received.

Interspersed with Lincoln’s speech, we see Courtroom of Owls goons exhuming a casket and wheeling it right into a room full of medical tools. They open it, revealing the physique of a person. As an alternative of a shroud, he was buried underneath a Talon costume. Gloved arms start to arrange an Electrum concoction.

As soon as the combination is run, the person’s eyes jerk open. Because the digicam strikes out, we see that the giver of the Electrum serum was Rebecca March.

Beep, Beep, Beep

On the Belfry, Harper brings Stephanie espresso. She appears reserved as she compliments Stephanie on standing as much as her mother and father. Stephanie makes a remark concerning the “sober gentle of day” that doesn’t land proper between the 2 maybe-sorta lovebirds. Stephanie instantly begins to clarify what she meant, however they’re interrupted by a wierd noise someplace within the Belfry.

Downstairs, Cullen is happy to get up with out Duela as his alarm clock. He greets Turner and tries to ask him how he’s doing, what with Duela bailing, however Turner is distracted by the identical beeping that Harper and Stephanie heard.

After bickering over Duela (and whether or not she left them a ticking time bomb) the Knights lastly uncover the supply of the sound — it’s a low battery warning on the receiver for the lapel digicam. The one Turner wore to the Courtroom of Owls gala, which Brody instructed them Lincoln destroyed. The Knights name Carrie and work out that both Brody lied, or he didn’t ship the textual content to Stephanie, as a result of the digicam should nonetheless be in a single piece to be sending the sign. Which suggests the cardboard — with footage that might show their innocence — would possibly nonetheless exist too.

Stephanie tells the staff that Brody talked about stashing the video together with his weed. They understand that they have already got plans of the penthouse, because the Marches dwell in one of many buildings designed by Alan Wayne. Whereas they focus on, Lincoln seems on the TV, speaking about doubling the reward to seek out Bruce Wayne’s killers. Stephanie notices that the report is dwell, which means that Lincoln just isn’t dwelling. Time to maneuver!

Mr. Mayor

Lincoln is celebrating his election, schmoozing with Gotham’s strongest. A stunning constituent turns up — Harvey Dent. The 2 have a hushed argument whereby Lincoln reveals that he is aware of Harvey slept with Rebecca and Harvey reveals that he is aware of Lincoln was concerned with killing Bruce. Sadly, Lincoln has had Harvey fired as D.A., making his efforts to unravel Bruce’s homicide that a lot tougher. As their bickering escalates, Cullen — disguised as everybody’s favourite GCPD rookie — steps between them and tells Lincoln he’ll deal with Harvey.

Cullen and Harvey speak on the way in which out. The interplay was a ruse so Cullen might get shut sufficient to swipe Lincoln’s pockets, containing the important thing card to his condo.

Flooring Nu

Stephanie and Harper staff up, with Lincoln’s keycard in hand, to infiltrate March Tower. Cullen will get into the safety cameras and disables the safety sensors. As quickly as they get inside, Stephanie heads to the outlet the place Brody stashed the products. The digicam and the cardboard are nonetheless there. Which is nice, however confirms that Brody didn’t ship the textual content saying they had been destroyed, and he’s seemingly in bother.

Harper and Stephanie are interrupted by a safety alert. Earlier than they’ve time to behave, two safety guards burst in. The women handle to seize their weapons and take them out (Stephanie’s been practising).

GCPD encompass the constructing; Harper and Stephanie want one other method out. Determined, they fight the oddly-named flooring “N” within the elevator. It seems to be a hidden flooring 13 Alan Wayne constructed.

The sign between the Knights dies, inflicting Harper to mutter that her and timing aren’t besties. Stephanie calls her out, and Harper confesses that she’s uncertain if Stephanie actually wished to kiss her after standing as much as her mother and father or if she’s simply the final particular person Stephanie’s mother and father would have wished her to be with. Stephanie instantly reassures her. An try and rectify the state of affairs by kissing her once more goes awry when Harper notices a casket over Stephanie’s shoulder.

The 2 method cautiously, leaping in horror when there’s a sudden banging noise. From throughout the casket comes Brody’s voice, yelling for assist. They rapidly bust him out, however earlier than he can clarify something, the elevator begins to maneuver. Brody tells them to run and conceal.

The Owls Are within the Home

Minimize off from Harper and Stephanie, Turner and Cullen focus on how seemingly it’s that every one of Alan Wayne’s buildings had a secret thirteenth flooring — which might imply Wayne Tower had one too.

Harvey is in his workplace, cracking open a bottle he’d been gifted by Bruce, when he will get the decision from Turner. Turner relays their suspicions a couple of secret flooring in Wayne Tower, and the way Lincoln might need identified about it and instructed his Talon to make use of it to enter undetected.

Harvey agrees to go try Wayne Tower.


Again at March Tower, Harper and Stephanie’s efforts to cover fail. Harper manages to reconnect to Cullen, however half method by telling him that they discovered Brody, they’re interrupted by two Courtroom of Owls goons. Brody tackles them, and a battle ensues. He knocks out the primary, however the second brings Brody’s heroic streak to an finish as he peppers his chest with bullets.

Stephanie screams. Harper knocks out the second goon with a wood assist, and so they run to Brody’s aspect simply in time for him to gasp and get up.

“Apparently I can’t die,” Brody says, groaning in ache.

Again on the Belfry, the Knights get extra of an evidence. Brody’s mother put Electrum in his tooth, stabbed him, then locked him in a coffin.

Harper efficiently retrieves the video. It’s intact, and proves the Courts crimes, however they’re masked the entire time. So, it doesn’t present who anybody is. Fortunately, throughout Brody’s stint within the casket, he heard the Owls speaking, and he is aware of there’s going to be a celebration that evening, and the place it’s being held.

The staff rapidly name Carrie to loop her in, however she’s stopped by her mother on the way in which out. They argue as she tries to cease Carrie from leaving, reminding her that nobody is bulletproof. Carrie argues again that the great guys aren’t those she needs to be preventing. Regardless of her mother yelling after her, Carrie heads out to assist the remainder of the Gotham Knights.

Doe Household Enterprise

In her camper, Jane Doe is inspecting Duela’s new look and attempting to give you a brand new identify for her. Duela is extra involved about discovering out whether or not her mother is mad at her for failing to kill Harvey Dent. Jane reassures her that she’s not; Duela pulled the set off, and that instructed her the place she stands.

They snort about how they ruined Harvey’s life, even when he did survive. And, Jane factors out, as quickly as she will get cash from her final job, they’re outta right here. Duela questions when she had time to drag a job, however she’s evasive.

Exterior, Duela contemplates the Joker card that she all the time carries. After a second, she units it on hearth. Her tearful second is interrupted by an offended yell from inside. Duela finds a pissed off Jane within the kitchen. Jane tells her that the cash’s gone — the massive payout she was anticipating from her final job fell by.

Duela tries to placate Jane by suggesting different jobs they will pull, however Jane is prickly and irritated, responding by reminding Duela how costly she is for them proper now, needing a brand new id. Jane means that Duela goes again to the Belfry to get the Courtroom of Owls watches, for fencing. Duela doesn’t wish to, however her mother pushes. Reluctantly, Duela agrees.


Whereas the staff are making their option to the Owls’ social gathering, Harvey is overriding the elevator in Wayne Tower to make it take him to flooring 13.

Throughout city, Rebecca is perfecting her social gathering desk when one of many masked Courtroom goons brings her a recording of Stephanie and Harper breaking into March Tower. She dismisses him, saying she’ll cope with it.

As soon as the Courtroom has assembled, Lincoln alerts for consideration. Rebecca steps out of the shadows and removes her masks. She makes a speech celebrating Lincoln’s election and their discovery of extra Electrum.

Whereas Rebecca recites the Courtroom of Owls rhyme, we see Harvey making his option to Wayne Tower’s thirteenth flooring. He finds Alan Wayne’s secret workplace stuffed with notes, newspaper clippings, and extra. Lastly, he picks up an outdated portrait of a really acquainted lady. “Physician Leviticus,” he reads. “Rebecca.”

Coming to the tip of her rhyme, Rebecca responds to one of many Courtroom saying that they now not have a Talon by bringing out a shock — a number of resurrected Talons. Rebecca proposes a toast.

Lincoln is displeased that she didn’t inform him she was bringing the Talons again. In a aspect room, she tells him concerning the break-in. Lincoln begins to wrestle to remain upright as she confesses her contingency plan to erase her personal involvement from the Courtroom earlier than they’re revealed. Poisoned, Lincoln falls to the ground. The Electrum in him received’t let him die, Rebecca agrees, however it received’t wake him up till he’s been uncovered because the Courtroom’s chief and he’s six toes underneath the bottom.

“You’re pure evil.”
“And also you’re simply one other man taking credit score for a girl’s work.”

Lincoln and Rebecca March

The Culling of the Owls

Because the Knights good their plan to infiltrate the social gathering, Duela arrives on the Belfry. Turner tries to enchantment to her, reminding her that they’re her household too, however he’s unsuccessful. He tells Duela about her mother drugging him, and she or he realizes that delivering Turner was the job that fell by. Though she’s clearly upset, Duela grabs the watches and leaves.

The Knights get into the social gathering with relative ease. Harper even stops to kiss Stephanie on the way in which, as they received interrupted earlier. However their good luck is brief lived as they enter the corridor the place the social gathering is going down.

The attractive dinner desk that Rebecca laid is roofed in blood and surrounded by lifeless Owls, their throats slit by Talons. Brody discovers his father on the head of the desk, as unmoving as the remaining.

Whereas the staff attempt to work out what occurred, GCPD swarm the constructing. The Knights have been arrange. Once more.

Physician Leviticus

Harvey’s investigation of Wayne Tower’s thirteenth flooring is interrupted by Rebecca. He confronts her about all of it — being Physician Leviticus, and being set as much as take the autumn for the Courtroom. She denies nothing, and as a substitute tells him what number of instances she’s needed to begin over with a brand new id, alone. She loves Harvey, and needs him together with her.

Horrified, Harvey tells Rebecca that the girl he liked was a mirage, and he might by no means love somebody as merciless and twisted as her.

“Are you positive about that?” Rebecca asks as two of her goons drag him away.

The Sins of the Mom

Gotham Information studies the day’s huge story: Gotham’s most-wanted fugitives have been discovered on the scene of a grisly mass homicide. The Gotham Knights are proper again the place they began the season: in a holding cell on the GCPD, however now with Stephanie, Carrie, and Brody too.

The digicam pans out to indicate Duela tearfully watching the information. “Even Little Chook,” she murmurs. Rising, Duela turns to the place Jane is inspecting the watches. She tells her she dreamed of being together with her since she was somewhat woman, however proper now her pals want her.

Jane pulls Duela right into a hug earlier than stabbing a syringe into her again. “I like you Duela, I all the time will,” she says. “However cash’s simply too good.”

Elsewhere, Rebecca addresses her group of Talons. “Your targets are locked in a jail cell downtown. Kill all of them.”

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