April 19, 2024

Caitlin Lengthy needs to start out a brand new type of financial institution…primarily based on a really previous mannequin.

A 100% reserve financial institution that might maintain all of our money on the Fed,” she says. She was influenced by the work of Austrian economist Murray Rothbard, who noticed fractional reserve banking as “a shell recreation, [and] a Ponzi scheme,” arguing that banks ought to work precisely like safety-deposit bins, or “cash warehouses,” required to maintain all of their clients’ cash available in any respect time.

Lengthy has a legislation diploma from Harvard and had a standard profession on Wall Avenue, working at Morgan Stanley, Credit score Suisse, and Salomon Brothers. After the 2008 monetary disaster, she thought the entire commonplace accounts explaining the meltdown fell brief. Seeking a greater framework, she found the Austrians and Rothbard. 

“The idea right here is, let’s simply flip this right into a primary cash warehouse to the utmost extent attainable throughout the legislation,” Lengthy tells Cause.

In March 2023, when rumors began circulating on Twitter that Silicon Valley Financial institution could be in hassle, its panicked clients withdrew $42 billion from their accounts in a single day, leaving it with a unfavorable money steadiness. Briefly order, regulators shut it down.

It was a traditional run on the financial institution, which is a phenomenon that is solely attainable due to a regular observe often known as “fractional-reserve banking,” wherein the cash in your account is not really sitting in your account. The cash banks maintain for you is usually loaned out or invested. They only have to guarantee that they’ve sufficient money available to cowl any withdrawals. The system works tremendous—till everybody comes for his or her cash directly.

“Much more folks on the planet now acknowledge that the cash of their financial institution is an I.O.U. to a leveraged establishment,” says Lengthy. “Most individuals did not take into consideration that till just lately.”

So she based Custodia Financial institution, primarily based in Wyoming, which can maintain 108 p.c of its clients’ deposits in money always, serving as a real Rothbardian cash warehouse that may also custody bitcoin for clients.

In January, the Federal Reserve Board denied its utility for a grasp Fed account, which might enable them to retailer money and transact utilizing Fed fee rails like each different main financial institution. Custodia has sued the Fed to power it to reverse that call.

“They’re principally making a federal veto that has by no means within the historical past of america existed,” says Lengthy. “And what I am standing up for and saying is that it should not be politicized, interval.”

Cause sat down with Lengthy in Miami on the Bitcoin 2023 convention to speak about her case towards the Fed, why she believes in full-reserve banking, and the way Custodia might assist bitcoin go mainstream.

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